The Notebook by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook is a movie based on the book by a best-selling author, Nicholas Sparks. Sparks is a well-known writer whose themes are about love. All of his books are set in various, small, North Carolina towns. The movies based on his books hold small town values, and have a deep, soul touching love, and all while the characters are finding themselves. Nick Cassavetes is the director with Mark Johnson and Lynn Harris as producers. The writing staff is comprised of Jeremey Leven, Jan Sardi, and Nicholas Sparks. The main cast includes Rachel McAdams as young Allie and Ryan Gosling as young Noah. Gena Rowlands portrays the old Allie and James Garner as the old Noah.

All movies have neat facts about them and The Notebook is no different. While casting the movie, Cassavetes wanted Ryan Gosling for the part of Noah because the director wanted someone not handsome. James Garner, who portrayed the older Noah had brown eyes and Gosling had blue, so during filming, Gosling had to wear brown contacts so they would match. The whole movie was filmed in reverse order. All the scenes with McAdams and Gosling were filmed first. Throughout the movie, Gosling and McAdams had great chemistry, but they fought behind the scenes. According to Cassavetes, they were always yelling and screaming at each other. Although The Notebook was made in 2004, and twelve years ago, this movie is Ryan Goslings most successful film. He has gone on to star in other blockbuster hits, but this movie has always been his highest financial gain. Another interesting tidbit about the making of the The Notebook is the fact the Rachel McAdams had less than a day to prepare for her audition. She received the script the night before, and decided to tryout the next day. Although it debuted in 2004, people continue to watch it and fall in love with it all over again. The film cost $29 million to make and still gives an amazing story.

There are several iconic scenes during the movie that pulls at your heart strings. But this movie is different because it begins at the end. It opens with an elderly couple in a nursing home where the man is reading to the woman. Their love story begins when Noah sees Allie at a carnival. He is taken with her and you can see right away that he has fallen in love with her even though the feelings are not reciprocated. Even though Noah is dirt poor and Allie is very wealthy, they date and fall madly in love during the summer. When it is over, they have a horrible break up and go their separate ways. The next scene is one that shows just how much Noah loves Allie. Noah writes 365 letters to Allie telling her of his days and how much he loves and misses her. After a year with no reply, he writes a goodbye letter and moves on with his life.

Noah goes into a frenzy to rebuild a house that is a symbol of their love, unconsciously hoping that it would bring Allie back to him. While he is rebuilding, Allie finds and falls in love with another rich, wealthy man. Allie hears of the rebuilding, visits Noah, and spends a weekend with him. They grow back together within three days. She has to decide between Noah and the wealthy man. Allie comes back to Noah, in that big, white house, and chooses him. Throughout the movie, there are scenes with an elderly couple where the man is reading a love story to her. After we see that Allie chooses Noah, we realize that the couple is Noah and Allie and the book he is reading, is their own love story. Allie has Alzheimers and has forgotten who Noah is. Noah reads their story to her every day, and when he finishes reading, Allie always remembers who he is and her love for him. In the last scene, Noah and Allie are laying in the same bed and in the morning, we see that they passed away together during the night.

The whole movie was beautiful from start to finish. These two people came from different worlds, different social classes, and still managed to fall in love and decide to love each other. It portrayed love from adolescence to the very end of life. Noah and Allie loved each other all their lives and never let go. The vision of movie was to show that if two people love each other, they will always find a way back to each other.

Nicholas Sparks has said that This movie is a metaphor of Gods love for us all. The movies theme is unconditional, everlasting love. The audience of The Notebook fell in love with the way that Noah and Allie loved each other. They say it is an abnormal love story that has a special feeling that others do not have. This movie has set the bar high for what love truly should be. This type of love where you fully and truly understand the other person is rare. It should be an honor to anyone who can witness it and see how love works. The Notebook is a film that portrays a beautiful love that starts young and grows continually with age. It is a perfect blend of young love and enduring love that lasts until the very end.



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