The Longest Yard directed by Peter Segal

The Longest Yard directed by Peter Segal is a remake of the earlier movie of 1975 with a budget of 82 million dollars. It was filmed entirely at the New Mexico Penitentiary, though the legendary football game was filmed in Murdock Stadium at the El Camino College in Torrance, California. Other parts of the film were filmed in Los Angeles and New Mexico. In this comedy based film Adam Sandler plays the protagonist Paul Crewe who had previously been kicked out of the NFL for shaving points in his last game in his career.

Crewe has been on probation ever since he has retired. After getting into a fight with his girlfriend he proceeded to steal her Bently for a ride while highly intoxicated with alcohol. He soon gets chased by police and is incarcerated for violating parole. He is sent to Texas Federal Prison, where Warden Hazen played by James Cromwell wants him to play for his football team made up of the guards. As he declines he has no chioce but to be harassed by the guards and his cell mates who seem to highly dislike him. As he tries to get used to his new surroundings he makes a new friend Caretaker played by Chris Rock who helps him get comfortable. While the Warden tires to get him to alt least help their football team he suggests that they play against each other, guards verses prisoners. There is a catch thought, he will throw the game so the guards can win. Thus his journey will begin by recruiting all his team mates who are played by Terry Crews, Steve Austin, Nelly, Burt Reynolds, Kevin Nash, etc. As they are trying to recruit the biggest and baddest they notice that the guards have been messing with their equipment and trying to mess them up for the big game of the year. Crewe has had enough and decides to that they need to start acting like convicts and mess with the guards too. He does not want his team to loose, he is there to win. As the team is starting to look good the guards decide to kill Caretaker and plan to point the murder on Crewe. As they have funeral for Caretaker, Crewe decides that he will do his best to dedicate this game for his good friend. As game day is here Crewe gives his teammates actual equipment that Caretaker had gotten them with their new name: Mean Machine. As the game is going Mean Machine finally gets in the score board and tie against the guards before the second quarter ends. Once it ends they go to the locker room and Warden looks for Crewe to talk to him about what he thinks he is doing. They get into an argument and Warden tells him to throw the game and if he doesn't he will get pinned for the murder of Caretaker. As he doesn't want to spend more time in jail than his three years he will do what the Warden asks. They go back onto the field for the third quarter Crewe gets injured and decides to sit out so his team could lose. As he realizes that he would rather srptaybinnjail then throw a game avian he goes back out to help his to to victory. Though his team does not want to back him up for letting down he is left by himself to help his team. He calls a time out and tells them why he threw the game and what the Warden has against him. So they decide to forgive him and get the best they can give. They end up wining and the Warden is shocked that his team lost against some convicts.

Though many famous people were in the movie, it was river with both negative and positive feed back. Many did not like the violence, dark humor and the rasisim in the movie. Critics actually did not think that it had the orginals movie violence and dark humor like it had previously had. For me personally I like the movie, because the characters dynamic go well together and gives more to the story line. There is chemistry in the characters that the actors really portray. They get into character very well and it seems almost like it actually happened in real life. I give this movie a good 5 starts in my book.



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