Boyhood is rewarded among 11 movies to receive a Metacore of 100

Boyhood (2014) is rewarded among 11 movies to receive a Metacore of 100, the highest possible score that can be attained from professional movie critics on of the review aggregate Metacritic.

Boyhood is a groundbreaking story of a nuclear family in Texas. Olivia, who is Mason and Samathan's mother, lived a single parent life. While Olivia struggled in a daily basis with her two children, their father Mason Senior was away somewhere in Alaska trying to find himself. At a certain moment in her life, Olivia has dicided to leave the Texas countryside and move to Austin Texas. Futhermore, she made a remarkable decision to go college and earn her degree. At that time her ex husband Mason Senior came back from Alaska to visit his children. He spend every weekend with Mason and Samantha and taught them so much about life in a early age. He wanted to break the wall of shyness between him and his children. Mason father is interesting in music and a very open minded father. While their were together, Mason and Samantha help their father to support Barack Obama candidacy in the presidental election and also have so much fun.

Olivia decided to live with her psychologist professor with his two children at the same age as Mason and Samantha. Unfortunately that situation didn't last long and has a bad ending because the psychologist professor turn to be very agressif and violent toward the children. Rolling to the punch of life, her situation improve after she earned her college degree and became a professor. According to her new enviable situation, she still brave out her single parent life and a very caring single mother. Regarding to the duration of the movie which is 12 years, Mason and Samathan became teenegers and start hanging out with their peers. Mason was victim of peer pressure and start drinking alcohol. Olivia started a new relationship with a retening US veteran who end up being very authoritarian toward Mason.

At some point of the movie, my attention was caught about the advice Olivia gave the young Mexican who was fixing her house. She advised him to go the Community College and earn a degree because he is very smart. The young emigrant followed her advice and become very succesful in life. That scene taugh me a lot about getting an Education in this country as young emigrant in order to improve your living condition.

In Addition about education topic, Mason graduates from High school and wants to pursuit his education as a professional photographer. His family was so proud about his educational achievement. For Olivia experiencing her two children leaving the house for college was so heartbreaking time. She imagined her life as a fast, stressful journey. Samantha was not condifent to properly handle a new adult life without her mother. Mason went to college and willing to fulfill his passion as a professsional photographer.

Overall. watching this wonderful movie for my third time, I analyze life trough a better perspectives. Education topic was my best part of the movie and following to that i am dedicated to earn my college degree. This movie Boyhood, that personally i consider the best educational movie i have ever seen and it tells me a lot about single parenting issue in this country and how much women suffer to raise their children. In addition, another favorite part in this movie is about the healthy relationship between Mason Senior and Mason, Samantha. The communication between them was so instructive and this is for me the best way for parents to educate their children. The bravery of Olivia is very considerable during the 12 years. Finally, this kind of movie change the way we see life as young man and teach us a lot about some survivsal skills, and Boyhood has changed mine.



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